Western media over the last 20 years has slowly given birth to an ugly and unwieldy child now known as Celebrity Culture.

With pushy stage parents such as, Politics and Finance, it was only a matter of time before this child grew up harboring a need to justify itself.

Celebrity Culture, let’s call him CC, has followed a long and winding road to enlightenment, searching his soul in areas such as spiritualism, the arts, benevolent work and the media. It therefore seems only right that CC would at some point begin to compile sacred texts on all he has learnt.

With a fervor that has not been witnessed in Western culture before – who knows, maybe anywhere – the masses have embraced their new god. Daily reading our picture bibles, be it in magazines, on television, on-line or on the radio, we seek a new way to live our lives.

So please, welcome to the circus.

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